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Want to Watch 2023 Soccer Match Highlights? Here is!

Do you want to know where you can watch 2023 soccer match highlights of leagues like the EPL, La Liga, UCL? This content presents all you need to know about the OurMatch soccer platform!

Chikezie Benson 🇳🇬 - Soccer expert
Last updated: Sunday, 10.December 2023
Author Biography
Expert in sports content and a lover of the English Premiership League. I’ve written various content, tips, and reviews of Nigerian betting platforms. Also, I'm a Chelsea fan who watches and follows many European leagues and equally follows Nigerian leagues.

Key take-aways

  • OurMatch provides highlights of finished matches, especially soccer matches from top European competitions like the EPL, La Liga, Champions League, etc.
  • OurMatch covers various competitions and leagues comprehensively, including EURO, COPA Libatadores, Bundesliga, Europa League, etc.
  • Match Highlights are available on OurMatch anytime from 5 mins to 24 hours after fulltime whistle.


Soccer Platform

Match Highlights

League Match Highlights


OurMatch is a website that provides soccer fans with trending news, match scores, and highlights of various league and competition matches, including the World Cup, Euros, AFCON, EPL, Champions League, etc. The sports platform is designed to provide fans with an efficient service to keep track of their favorite players and teams. As a soccer fan, you might be searching for where to watch 2023 match highlights but haven’t gotten any breakthrough. Although you might have heard or read that on sports websites like OurMatch, you can get these contents. Many fans use OurMatch to stay updated and watch extended match highlights of their favorite games and atheletes which they missed or want to rewatch. However, what league match highlights does OurMatch offer? What should you expect from OurMatch? How does OurMatch work? Is the match highlights website legal? We will answer this question and more in this content.

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  • 4/5
    Mobile friendliness and/or availability of an app


  • Provides match highlights for various competition games
  • Fast match score tracking system that updates scores in real-time
  • Fast uploading of match highlights
  • Users can find news relating to their favorite leagues and players
  • The platform shows the trending soccer topics


  • OurMatch focuses on showing just soccer highlights, as other sports are not offered
  • The website has ads on it which might put off some users
  • OurMatch has limited coverage of less popular soccer leagues

What Does the Site OurMatch Do?

OurMatch is a platform that offers updates on soccer matches. This soccer website focuses on providing live scores, news, and previous match highlights of top soccer competitions. Users of this soccer website can watch match highlights and get updates on live scores of top international competitions like the World Cup, EURO, AFCON, COPA Libertadores, etc. Also, top European leagues from Germany, Spain, English, France, Turkey, Italy, and Holland, plus international friendlies, are covered on the platform.

What Sports and League Highlights are Supported by the OurMatch?

OurMatch only supports 1 sport as of the time of this review, and that is soccer. For the supported leagues, the soccer website supports leagues from 6 nations: Germany, Spain, English, France, Turkey, Italy, and Holland national leagues. Also, these countries' top-flight domestic cups are supported, ensuring that users don’t miss anything from their favorite top European games. In addition, the website supports international competitions from various continents, clubs, and international friendly matches.

What Format are the Highlights?

OurMatch provides full match highlights of games offered on the platform. While some websites and videos on YouTube are match highlights, they mostly don’t offer a game's full highlights, so the viewer will have a very good picture of the match. The match highlights of OurMatch show more than just the scored goals or missed chances. Viewers will also see interesting events in the matches, like cards shown, players, coaches, and fans' reactions to a significant event that happened, and others.

How Long Does it Usually Take For Highlight Videos to Become Available?

The OurMatch highlight videos take from a few mins to some hours at most to be available on the website. This is because the video will have to be properly edited with all needed match information so the user won’t miss much of what happened during the live match. Also, it is important to note that a delay in match highlight availability can also be attributed to the league or competition in question. For example, Champions League or English Premiership league match highlight videos are expected to be available quicker than lesser-known footballing countries' international friendly games.
they upload highlights, usually only extended these days, more or less five minutes after matches finish. I usually use r/footballhighlights on Reddit as a pool that collates similar sites with shorter/longer highlights but ourmatch is a good base. - 🔔 Mr Tom E. Yasu (Twitter, 2022).

Is OurMatch Free?

Ourmatch is a soccer website that provides free match highlights, news, and live scores from various leagues and competitions. This soccer platform's users are not required to register or provide any personal information before using the website or its services. However, you should note that the platform has ads, and that is how it generates revenue. As of the last checking, the website provides ads only from Google, which are safe and non-intrusive. not enjoying ourmatch anymore because of the f....Advertisements. Does anyone have a good other site for me? -Rogélio Keijser (Twitter, 2019).

What is the Latest Website URL address of OurMatch?

Ourmatch is a soccer update platform that has existed for many years and has become inaccessible at one point. The website was accessed via (which is still their website URL on Dailymotion as of the time of this review) but later moved to its current URL:

Is OurMatch Legal or Illegal?

OurMatch is a soccer platform providing live scores, news, and match highlights. These services are largely legal and don't require a license. However, for match highlights, it might fall into the legal grey area. Depending on their source of videos or the jurisdiction where a user is accessing the videos, they might need a license. Generally, while we can't say if they're operating legally or not, their services are largely legal, but you still have to apply caution to avoid getting into trouble with authorities.

What are Similar Sites to OurMatch?

OurMatch is not the only soccer website that provides news, live scores, and match highlights for its users. Some of its alternatives that provide all three services are:
It is important to note that these OurMatch alternatives all have ads on their platforms as a way to generate revenue. Most of them do not require registration and are free because of the ads.

What Can I Do When My Game’s Highlight is Not Available On OurMatch?

We understand that this situation can be frustrating, especially as you’re itching to get a glimpse of the match you missed. Below is the list of things you can do:
  • Check OurMatch Alternatives: First, check its alternatives like,, and, as listed above. If they don’t have your required match highlight, move to the other option.
  • Check YouTube: YouTube is another top platform where highlights of various soccer matches and other sports are made available. On the platform, many users upload match highlights of various matches and sports. Search for your preferred match and select any of the latest results from YouTube.
  • Check Social Media: On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, many users upload highlights of various matches to draw engagement from fellow sports fans. Search for your preferred match highlights on any of these apps; you might be lucky to find what you’re looking for.

How Often is OurMatch Updated with New Content and Matches?

OurMatch is regularly updated with new content. As expected, soccer live scores are updated quicker than other services offered on the platform. Second is soccer news and trends, which are updated almost in real-time. Next are the upcoming matches and then the soccer match highlights, which understandably will require a bit of work before making it available on the platform.

Are there Any Restrictions on Which Countries Can Access OurMatch?

Upon our check, OurMatch can be accessed from almost all locations without restrictions. However, we can’t definitively say that the website is available in all countries. This is because OurMatch doesn’t officially provide this information, and it is normal for websites like it to have country restrictions in place.

Does OurMatch Have a Mobile App?

OurMatch has an excellently designed website but does not have a smartphone app. The desktop and mobile layouts of the soccer platform are top-notch, as users can navigate easily and smoothly. Also, all features or services available on the desktop layout are available on the mobile layout, meaning users can watch match highlights without sacrificing convenience.

Are There Social Features on OurMatch, Such as Chat Rooms or Forums?

While OurMatch is a social platform that promotes social media content like tweets on its website, it has no chat room or forums for its users. The soccer website is strictly for getting content for top soccer competitions without engaging another user.

Does OurMatch Offer Live Streaming of Matches?

While this feature will be loved by many OurMatch users, sadly, the soccer platform does not provide live streaming for matches on its website at the time of writing this review. However, many free and paid soccer streaming websites online can provide that service. For free soccer streaming platforms, you need to be careful as they sometimes have pop-up ads or other forms of ads that can be intrusive. Also, some free soccer live streaming might be operating illegally (without a copyright license for the broadcasted matches) and get you in trouble. Does OurMatch Show CR7’s Saudi Pro League Match Highlights? Cristiano Ronaldo is a living and actively playing soccer legend who has just moved to a lesser-known league. This move has made many of his fans look for ways to watch his matches or, at least, the game highlights. However, OurMatch is not a solution to the concern because they only provide match highlights for top European and international soccer competitions. You will have to check other free and paid platforms, like ESPN, SkySports, etc., to see if any offers this service.

Is OurMatch Easy to Use for All Users?

OurMatch website has a pro design with clear navigation. This platform's web and mobile layout adapts to various device screen sizes, making it easy for almost all users to use it easily. Also, the labels on the platform, icons, and color animation indicate to the user which button is active and where it can take you when clicked. It is important to know that the match highlight feature of this website auto-plays. You should consider this when watching match highlights on this website in a quiet zone.

What are OurMatch's Official Social Media Pages?

OurMatch is a soccer platform that updates fans on the latest events around their favorite teams with match highlights. The platform is expected to have many social media presence, but as of the time of writing this review, we only found one social media account linked to the platform. The account is an Instagram account that was last posted in 2021, and we can't confirm if it is OurMatch's official Instagram handle. However, the account was active previously and had numerous engagements on its posts.

Does OurMatch Offer Any Support or Customer Service Options?

Unfortunately, OurMatch does not offer any customer support services as of the time of writing this review. No contact form or official social media handles are available that cater to troubled users' queries. While an Instagram account poses as the official OurMatch social media handle, we can't vouch for it, and it has been inactive since 2021.

What is the Target Audience for OurMatch?

OurMatch targets soccer fans all over the world who can use a smartphone. The website is not limited by age or sex; everyone can use the platform. The soccer platform targets lovers of top European leagues like the English Premiership League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, etc. Also, fans of country cups like the FA Cup, Copa Del Rey, Coppa Italia, and others are targeted by this platform.

Can Users Create Match Highlights and Share on OurMatch?

While this will be a lovely addition to the soccer platform, users can not share content on the OurMatch website when writing this review. In the future, OurMatch administrators might integrate this feature and allow users to share their created match highlights.


Soccer Platform

Match Highlights

League Match Highlights


OurMatch is a free soccer platform that provides its users with extended soccer match highlights, news, stats, tables, and live scores. The soccer platform is focused mainly on international soccer competitions and top European leagues and competitions. OurMatch has a well-designed, mobile-friendly website. It also offers high-quality HD match highlights for mobile and desktop layouts. It is important to note that this platform generates revenue with ads from Google, and its social media account (Instagram) has been inactive since 2021. The soccer platform can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world, athough some social media users have complained that they can't access it from their location. Ultimately, OurMatch is a good one-step solution for all top soccer and international competitions which keeps fans buzzing. Would you be trying their offerings?

Chikezie Benson 🇳🇬
Soccer expert
I’m a fanatic football lover and also an expert in writing sports content. I’ve written various content, tips, and reviews of Nigerian betting platforms. Also, I'm a Chelsea fan who watches and follows many European leagues and equally follows Nigerian leagues. Also, I’m an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Worked with various SEO companies and sports websites to deliver value to readers.

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Soccer Platform

Match Highlights

League Match Highlights

Want to Watch 2023 Soccer Match Highlights? Here is!.

Do you want to know where you can watch 2023 soccer match highlights of leagues like the EPL, La Liga, UCL? This content presents all you need to know about the OurMatch soccer platform!

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