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Crictime still working in 2023? Watch live cricket streams free

Detailed review and FAQs about Crictime! Find out how to watch live cricket online for free using Crictimre. Is Crictime legal and genuine in 2023? Is it actually free?

Ananta Wagle 🇳🇵 - Football expert
Last updated: Sunday, 24.September 2023
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Key take-aways

  • Crictime is a reliable and well-established online cricket streaming website that covers all major cricket events, including ICC events, bilateral series, and major franchise T20 leagues.
  • Crictime is absolutely free to use, but the website earns money through ads that open in a separate tab when a match is selected.
  • While Crictime is not an official broadcaster and the site's streams may be slightly behind TV broadcasting, it is a genuine and user-friendly option for streaming cricket matches online for free.


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Crictime is a well-established online cricket streaming website. All the major cricketing events can be accessed through Crictime. It covers all the ICC events, bilateral series and all major franchise T20 leagues. While most of the events generate a decent amount of website visitors, the traction multiplies significantly during the Indian Premier League. Although it is popular as a streaming website, Crictime describes itself as a website similar to any other search engine in that it only crawls and aggregates content from other publicly available web pages and displays it for the visitors' convenience. The website is currently active and offers the viewing experience of the cricketing activities around the world.

Overall score
Socapro Score

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  • 4/5
    UI interface and overall site design
  • 4/5
    Features, usability and amount of advertising
  • 4/5
    Depth and breadth of offered leagues and sports
  • 2/5
    Mobile friendliness and/or availability of an app


  • Covers all the major cricket tournaments
  • Very less ads and spywares
  • User-friendly


  • No other sports apart from cricket
  • Fails to begin the stream on some occasions
  • Available in only one language

What is Crictime?

Crictime is a cricket streaming platform that provides live footage of all major cricket tournaments in the world. It can be a great alternative if you can’t catch the live match on TV and need something on-the-go. Crictime ( can be a lifesaver for cricket fans if they’re stuck at work/traffic or when they’re away from home and still want to enjoy the match.

How to watch a live cricket match on Crictime?

Upon accessing the homepage of the website, one can see different matches listed along with the description as well as the availability of the match as either ‘Live’ or ‘Offline’. If the match is ‘Live’, it can be watched by clicking on the ‘Watch Now’ option.

How to deal with ads on Crictime?

When you click on a match to stream, an ad can pop-up in a new tab. All you need to do is close that ad and come back to the original tab. It can be risky if you interact with ads. If you just close the ad when it appears, it doesn’t do any harm to your device, and you can enjoy the live stream in tha main website.

Is Crictime legal or illegal?

It depends upon the location you’re consuming the content from to decide whether it is legal or not. Streaming sites like Crictime are considered illegal in the UK and a few other countries. However, most of the countries tolerate such sites and don't consider them illegal. It has faced many issues in the past as many copyright owners had taken the action against the developers of the website. So, it isn't quite clearly decisive to say whether it is legal or not.

Is Crictime genuine?

Crictime is a genuine cricket-streaming website. It takes feeds from other resources and provides them on its website for free for the website visitors to watch. It doesn't require any registration or any subscription. It has a good reputation online and has positive reviews on the majority of the platforms.

What are alternatives/similar sites to Crictime?

Crictime isn't the only website that provides free cricket content on the web. Some popular alternatives of Crictime are:

Which cricket leagues are available on Crictime?

Almost all that you want to watch. The bilateral series between all the top nations are covered. Some of the biggest series like 'Border-Gavaskar Trophy' and 'The Ashes' can also be watched using this website. Likewise, the domestic T20 leagues like the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier league, SA20, ILT20 and Big Bash League are also available for viewing. The T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup and Champions Trophy can also be streamed through Crictime when they take place. In general, you can assume that all the major cricketing events you want to watch are available on Crictime.

What is the latest or new URL for Crictime?

‘’ and ‘’ are the currently active and working URLs of Crictime. Such websites can keep changing their URLs to make sure they’re safe from copyright infringement issues. Hence, you might sometimes come across situations where the known URL doesn’t work. In such cases, you can simply type the name of the website on any search engine, and you’ll be provided with the working URL of the site.

Does Crictime have an app?

No, Crictime doesn’t have a working application. Although there are apps with the same name, they are developed by someone else and don’t offer the same functionalities.

Is Crictime free?

Yes. Crictime is absolutely free of cost for everyone. All you need is a secure internet connection to enjoy the live matches. In that case, you might wonder how the website makes money. The website earns by running ads. Whenever you click on a match to watch it, it leads to an ad in a separate tab. Each of those clicks that takes you to the ad mints money for the website. In case you interact with the ad i.e., if the ad is of an app and you download it or if you read through the ad website, Crictime mints more money. However, we advise you not to do anything with those ads and simply close them as some of them can be malwares.

Is it necessary to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) while using CricTime?

Using a VPN doesn’t change the viewing experience. So, it isn’t compulsory to use VPN to access Crictime. However, some of the ads that pop-up could be harmful. If any ad leads to being a malware, spyware or trojan, the usage of VPN can be helpful to protect your privacy. Hence, it’s a wiser choice to access Crictime or any similar website with Virtual Private Network.

What can I do when Crictime is offline?

Crictime and other streaming websites frequently experience downtime, go temporarily down, or disappear from search results. Additionally, you might not be able to access the website or any of its services depending on your region of origin and ISP provider. In such circumstances, it is advised that you first check whether other users are experiencing the same. You can check if the site is down on the website IsSiteDownRightNow You can keep refreshing the page within certain intervals as it is generally back online after a while. Additionally, the alternative websites that are aforementioned can be used.

What countries is Crictime most popular in?

Crictime is most popular in South Asia as this region consumes cricket the most.
People from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal are extremely vocal and supportive about cricket.

Does Crictime work on mobile devices?

Yes. Crictime is supported on all kinds of smartphones having a working web browser. The mobile experience of this website is quite satisfactory compared to other sites of similar features.

Are streams on Crictime high quality and HD?

Unlike most of the other websites and platforms providing free cricket streams, Crictime has a smoother picture quality. The video streams are of HD quality. Moreover, you can even choose what quality of video you want to watch according to the network connectivity you have. While accessing Crictime on mobile devices, you can select the match you want to watch, and you’re asked to select the quality of video you want to watch it in. ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ are the three picture qualities available for you to pick from. If the video quality isn’t as good as expected, you should try and check your internet connection first. If the network is strong enough and the problem still remains, try to refresh the site and watch. You need to be patient while using such websites as these are not any official websites.

Do I need to download anything to watch cricket on Crictime?

No. There is no need to download any additional applications or extensions to run the Crictime website. Once you have a PC or a mobile device with a working browser and stable internet connection, you don’t need anything else to watch the stream. However, you can use a VPN to access such websites to make sure your online data is secured.

Can I watch football/soccer on Crictime?

Unfortunately, Crictime is a cricket-only website and only offers the streams of cricket matches. Live soccer can’t be streamed through Crictime. However, there are several sites similar to Crictime that offer streams of all sports which you can find easily browsing the search engines.

Do I need to register to use Crictime?

You do not have to register to use the Crictime site. The matches can be streamed by anyone without logging in or providing any of your personal details.
You can directly access the live matches without entering any details in Crictime.

Does Crictime show the Indian Premier League (IPL)?

Yes. Whenever the IPL is held, it can be watched through Crictime without any paid subscription. Not only IPL, all other T20 tournaments like PSL, BBL, BPL etc. can also be streamed on this website.

What languages is Crictime available in?

As a site that covers all the global tournaments, Crictime surprisingly only has English as the available language.

Why is the feed slower on Crictime than on TV?

Crictime isn’t an official broadcaster of any event. The website simply scraps and aggregates live video footage from other publicly available resources and brings it on its website. The broadcast on TV is obviously ahead of other streams since it is the official broadcast. The stream on Crictime is usually around 30 seconds to 1 minute behind the official broadcasting. When you’re provided a free stream without any subscription and of standard quality, the users should be okay with it being a tad bit behind TV broadcasting. Despite that the quality of the stream is similar to any official broadcasting channel like Star Sports, Sky Sports or Sony Ten Network.

What are the risks when using Crictime?

Crictime appears free of any suspicious malwares and spywares on its website. However, it is advisable to use a VPN while accessing such websites just to make yourself double safe.

Which site is best positioned to replace Crictime?

Smartcric is currently a very popular site for streaming cricket online and is a close competitor of Crictime on popularity and website statistics. It has an UI which is almost similar to that of Crictime and many people actually prefer Smartcric over Crictime. The quality of live streams is also almost identical on both these sites. It's actually a win from the user's perspective as you can jump from one site to another as per requirement.

Why does the video keep buffering on Crictime?

There can be various reasons for this problem to occur. The most basic reason is if your internet connection isn’t strong enough. Crictime requires you to have a strong enough internet connectivity to run live video streams. However, the problem can be from the website’s side as well. When the number of visitors is too high on the site, it might be tough for you to watch the stream with the same smoothness, and you might encounter regular buffering. Just refreshing the webpage can also work on certain instances.


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If you’re looking for a free website to stream cricket matches, Crictime is one of the best options available online. The streaming quality is good, and the ads are also not as frequent and annoying as other similar sites. Although the stream seems to take some time to load, it’s usually very smooth once the stream begins. It isn’t obviously an officially sanctioned site, but it does appear very formal and gets the job done. In comparison with other sites that offer similar services, Crictime is one of the better choices considering its simpler user-interface, lesser ads and decent streaming quality. With positive online reputation and satisfactory user-experience, Crictime is a popular choice for people to watch cricket leagues/matches online for free.

Ananta Wagle 🇳🇵
Football expert
I'm Ananta Wagle from Nepal. I am a sports writer/columnist with over 3 years of experience. During these 3 years, I've had the privilege of churning out content for clients and companies of more than 10 countries. Having grown up with a lot of love for all kinds of sports, I always wanted to do something around it only. Now, after 3 years of being into this profession, I can say that the journey has been quite enriching. However, there's still quite a bit left to achieve. I keep learning with each passing day and I hope to keep improving, too.
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Crictime still working in 2023? Watch live cricket streams free.

Detailed review and FAQs about Crictime! Find out how to watch live cricket online for free using Crictimre. Is Crictime legal and genuine in 2023? Is it actually free?